Wednesday, June 19, 2013

Just An Update =D

It's been looooonnnnggggg since I last updated aite! Well I tried to scroll through my phone for photos, I need to take more photos! Photos do talk louder than my words!

- Stepping Alone -
First time in my life, I started on my journey alone all the way to Taiwan. I learnt a lot, and a good experience! Taiwan has the magnet of its own, and I guess I'm the right metal! I love the place, and seriously,  very much! Taiwanese lifestyle has its own uniqueness, and their cultures are way higher, as in education and ethics. Foods are awesome as well!


How lucky for me to meet them at the airport and traveled in the same plane!

Here I am! or was...




Oh ya! And there's this place, Yang Ming National Park, it's heaven on earth! At first when I arrived, the weather was freaking cold, and mist everywhere until visibility was so low. At the national park, there is a division called Er Zi Ping, and we needed to walk a distance to reach there from the rest house. It's 2km, then I saw old folks were walking towards the place, so I just followed. To my amazement upon arriving, the scenery was breathtaking!




Another division of Taipei, Jiu Fen is a place that must be visited as well! It's located at the heights, so it is colder than the city area, but it faces the sea, so you can imagine what the scenery was like!



Many more to express, but experiencing would do the job! So just go and explore it by yourselves to know how awesome is Taiwan!

- Imperial City Mall Site Visit -
I managed to join a site visit to the upcoming Imperial City Mall construction site. I'm very excited towards this shopping mall, for it's design favors the design of an ideal shopping mall! Just rectangular, clean and wide, no confusing paths and walkway. And there's this double storey link bridge with no columns in between, well pillars, if column is an alien vocab to all of you! There's an eight-halls TGV cinema under construction! Overall, it was an awesome experience!
I think that's all for my updates. There are lot's of other happenings as well, but I will stay with these first! =D

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