Tuesday, February 9, 2016

R E S 2 O 1 5 L U T I O N

It was all over in a blink of an eye. 2015, definitely a terrific year for me. Been up, been down, and moving on to another phase of life, it all happened within the year of twenty fifteen. Okay let's start from my graduation. Finally after "tormented" for 5.5 years, nah not that torturing though, it's just uni life! I-AM-GRADUATED! Well yeah and I moved on, now I'm a working adult for 3 months, just passed my probation period. Settling down in Johor for the second phase of my life, it's not as tough as it seemed. But still, leaving and traveling far away from home wasn't comfortable though, now everything is up for you to decide. From meals to destinations, what to buy to where to go, you are on your own now. You are free, but you aren't at the same time.

The weather in Johor is terrific! Not as in awesome, but everchanging! Now I'm sweating droplets, and suddenly all the black clouds come surround the sky and rainfall the next moment. How not to sick huh like that??? I don't have an aircond in my room, dang! What to do, poor guy mar 😂! But God's grace is always overflowing, everything I'm having now is all the grace and arrangement from Him. Never a moment I'm short of anything, even when I did, He miraculously prepared angels to help me!

And oh, of course not to forget my passion in running! 2015 is the year where my passion grows and blossoms. My first HM was Sundown Johor 2015, and that's when I interviewed for my current job. See? That's how God arranges thing! And when I'm here in Johor, I've completed two full marathons, first one being Penang Bridge International Marathon in November and second one was Standard Chartered Marathon Singapore! SCMS costed me a bomb, but nevertheless it's a memorable one! Let's see what's waiting to be unfold for the year 2016. Currently registered for Nike We Run KL HM, which has been one of the events that I'm looking so much forward to!

Currently I'm sitting comfy in my room, yeah it's Chinese New Year! Finally I got to take a break from all my tasks and jobs, and thinking what to update for my blog! As we grow older, the mood for Chinese New Year seems to fade, and it isn't as strong as what we felt when we were younger then. I was working my ass off and all in a sudden, it was time to go home. I was quite reluctant to wake up this morning though, wanted continue to sleep!

Well that's all until now, as usual, pictures are the best to tell the story better!

Team blue during airport run to farewell Chean!

Ah!!! My thesis!

A trip to Poring Hot Spring when traveled to KK!

Final presentation for Final Year Project!

Philip was back from US!

Swimming Championship by Curtin Swimming Club!

Hitz Cruiser in Curtin!

Scorefit Party, it's a fun Body Combat event!

Neon run, got into Top 50 placing!

Penang Bridge International Marathon 2016, My first FM!

Standard Chartered Marathon Singapore 2016, my second FM!

A nice view of a site where I'm working on!

Saturday, April 25, 2015

First 10km Marathon, More to Go, Further to Go!

Today marked a historical and a boost for me to run further and faster! I had managed to complete 10km marathon with a time of 1 hour and 3 minutes, and it's within top 30! Of course, that's not the fastest time, but I'm gonna train hard to run faster and further! Penang Half Marathon in the November, and still in dilemma of Sundown SG in July and Kuching Marathon in August! I guess I'm addicted in running, but always better than addicted in bad activities aye? God grants me more strength to run for Your glory!

Hero? But sure am not a zero!

With Bryan the 3rd placing for men's category with a time of 57 minutes! Well done!

Saturday, October 11, 2014

John Curtin Weekend 2014

It's been long. Okay, let's go back to the main point of this post. I'm glad that I decided to join JCW for one last time, despite burdened with assignments and exams. But once in a while, I really do need a getaway, and I've had an awesome weekend!

Rumah Ree, a place where we spent our weekend. Away from civilization, without phone signals, we spent our weekends in the greens, and how fresh the air is! Upon reaching the destination, we had to take another half an hour of pickup rides just to reach Rumah Ree. Boys be boys, all fighting for the ride behind. Well, free makeup from the earth, ain't that good?

Unlike last two longhouses that I had attended for the previous years, Rumah Ree is filled with children. Those innocent yet naughty faces, perfect for portraits! It's a very simple houses, but the scenery is so awesome! It's been long since I really took out my DSLR and embracing what's around me, now I had this chance!

As usual, the moment we arrived, all the awkwardness filled the room. However, all the warmth from the Rumah Ree residents, sort of soften the awkwardness a bit. It first started with dinner, which was quite fine! Then we proceeded to ice breaking, this time without liquor involvement. We all had a great time with the families and children, and they were really sporting and friendly! A tired night indeed, and all dragged themselves to bed. Owh, forgot to mention on the toilet, ours was fine, some got real "close to nature" toilet! Kinda funny thinking about it! And the water was so refreshing and cold!

On the second day, it's where all the essential activities held. We had prepared first aid course for the families and motivational modules for the children. It all went fine, great involvement from the family and the children, and we all had a good time together. After that, we all prepared ourselves for the coming of YB in the night, well not much preparation as well, we were the guest! That night was filled with crowd, and of course, tuak. An awesome night as well, I guess?

We went to the waterfall on the third day! Well, you couldn't really call that a waterfall, nah there's water flowing down, who cares? It's a half an hour walk from Rumah Ree to the waterfall. Refreshing water, and the children like it, so do we! That pretty sums up the trip to Rumah Ree, I will just let the photos do all the talking!

This is Rumah Ree!

Fisherman by the Bakong river

The awesome mothers were cooking a feast!

Behind the pickup before going towards Rumah Ree!

That waterfall!

First time I had this close shot from the moon, thanks to Samson's 18-250 tammy! =D

This sohai photographer used DSLR to selfie!

First aid practice!

Lots of innocent faces!

There's this pair of children who were so photogenic that I sort of made an album of them! They are so cute and cooperative!

Wednesday, February 5, 2014

2 0 1 4

Blazing fast, the time shoots and soars. Never look back and wait for me, and I just realized, it's already February and my internship life is two third gone. Living in KL is a challenge for me, to wake up daily at six, walk a distance to work. An interesting experience, I would say, and a lot self discipline. Now, I realized how awesome it is to study, to enjoy uni life!

After two months of away-from-home life, finally I got to go home for Chinese New Year! The excitement was so overwhelming that I couldn't wait to go home. I miss everything back home, I miss driving, I miss my bed, I miss the sunshine, everything. Poof, one week of holiday just gone, and I'm going back tomorrow. However, it was a good time celebrating Chinese New Year with my family and friends. But I sincerely apologized that I could not visit everyone of you, too little time I have. Don't worry, I will be back in a month time!

Wednesday, January 1, 2014


2013. End. It has been an eventful year, and God's grace is sufficient for me. I couldn't have wished anything more, nor thanked Him more. He had provided me with everything I need, and even more, with extras that I wouldn't dream of to have! Despite there were still some downs, and thrills, but no, I still want to thank Him again and again!

Twenty thirteen, not the best year, but an awesome one. My unilife is fun, and all the challenges that had been assigned to me, I knew I have grown much. God listened to my prayers as well, and prepared me with an internship opportunity away from home. However, there's lot of lessons learned, but still, I appreciate everything I have now.

Ended terribly, started awfully. I did grumble a bit for what had happened, but I am in safety. Do not worry, for He is with me. I'm still looking forward the remaining 364 days, for this one day will not ruin my awesome year! Things eventually get better, just give them time, and a positive mind. I will not make a conclusion, because there's no ending!

See all of you again, and I would not let my blog rust!

Saturday, July 13, 2013

Milestone Achieved - Mount Kinabalu Summit

When the only thing left you can be dependent on is determination, and not strength.

Treacherous path, cold weather, that's how I describe her, the magnificent Mount Kinabalu. She is one of the beauty, yet what lies behind the beauty, it's only revealed after you truly venture into. I had seen it, and the journey was wonderful, and memorable. With the guidance from God, and companion of all these awesome friends, I proudly said that I made it! Yeah, up till the summit, 4095.2m! There were times I was so tired, and no energy left even for grumblings, this was when determination kicked in. For sure, I did not know how could I even reach the peak, and I am still wondering now. It all sounded dreamy, and imaginative.

Gathering at Centre Point KK

IMG_8189 BBQ pork halfway the journey to Kinabalu Park!

There are two paths towards the Laban Rata Resthouse, and this time we took the Mesilau path, which is 2km longer. But the 2km extra distance was well worth it, for the scenery along the path was so breathtaking, and the path overall was less burdened compared to Timpohon path. 8th July, we gathered at Centre Point KK, and set out in vans to Kinabalu National Park. I wasn't sure how long did the journey take, all I knew is the whole afternoon was compensated, and the time we settled at Mesilau Resort, it was around 6pm! The resort was a pleasant one, with awesome dinner and breakfast buffet, as well as warm bed!


Waking up and buckled up, we started to ascend the mountain at 9am. The first 500m only, I was feeling tired and heart beat was fast, maybe I was warming up, I thought. But don't be deceived by the distance, to even complete 500m it would take up to half an hour! After around 1km, I was all warmed up and sweated heavily. At this point, the fast ones were leading way in front, and slow ones behind. I was in the middle, keeping a consistent pace. Then JiaChee, let's call her JC, and Desmond, a new friend made during this trip, kept up and we moved on together. We made a fantastic trio and the whole journey become fun and enjoyable!




Along the way, there were times we grumbled and become frustrated, but encouragements from each other were the thing that kept us moved on. at KM5, we reached a hut, and LuWee kept up with us, and four of us moved together. This hut on wards, the weather was less favorable and we were kept in drizzles. The drizzles remained until we reached the intersection between both trails, and joining into one path which leads towards the resthouse. That path was sort of overflowed, and running water was flowing from the top to the bottom. We only knew that it was raining quite heavily from those who reached earlier than us at the resthouse, so our pace was good and kept us from heavy rain! From the intersection, we still had around 2.5km to go, and that 2.5km was a tough one. Rocky and slippery paths, we were all low in motivation. But still, we all pushed each other up and up, paces by paces, and the sight of a friend who reached earlier and waited for us at the Laban Rata doorsteps was totally heaven! We were talking about hot chocolate drinks and warm beds, and it's all in front of us now! We rushed into the restaurant and sat down, stunned and speechless. Even if the hot chocolate costed me RM12.80, I wouldn't have care less. The time showed 345pm.










We were lucky enough to arrive slightly earlier at Laban Rata. The moment we were waiting for our dinner at around 430pm, the sky turned black and heavy downpour started. Feeling relieved, we were worried about the others' progress at the same time. Pity they had to go through all the rain, but nothing we could do, just hoping they would be fine. After dinner, I couldn't bear the cold, and I just made do with wiping clean my body instead of a bath. There were no hot water, and the water was icy cold, even wiping my body could give myself several jumps! This journey till then had taken toll on me, my body was hot and I was feeling dizzy. Not wanting myself to be unfit for the summit ascend at 2am, I took Panadol although I was reluctant. The rest for the night wasn't that smooth after all, I just couldn't put myself into a nice slumber, until Ken checked on me at around 1130pm. The funny thing was, after he checked on me, he couldn't sleep anymore, and I slept all the way until the alarm rang off at 130am. That made me guilty, but we had some laugh on that!

2am was giving us tough times, at temperature estimated to be under 10 degrees, and we were all like walking zombies. The cold did give us some nudges, but still the darkness ahead pulled us back, and the sleepiness was like a veil covering me. I just followed the group, but eventually the group split into three groups again, the fast, moderate and slow ones. Still the same, I was the moderate one, and as time went on, I was alone with other troupes, for their paces were the same and I was comfortable with it, so I just followed their backs. Halfway, I did meet with those ahead of me, and we assembled.


The summit ascend was tough. Oxygen was thin, and wind was piercing. It was so tough to a level that I stopped for a short breath every eight steps. The land was barred, with endless rocky paths ahead. Following the white rope that guided us all the way up the summit, that's my only hope. Motivation was low as well, I looked down on the path ahead, and I murmured, "Low's peak....Low's peak" as I walked. Sounded zombie aye? But that was what kept me moving on.


Around 630am, finally, I reached the bottom of the peak! But at this level the wind was getting more piercing than ever, and I doubted whether I should or should not ascend to the peak. So I just wondering around and taking pictures for around 30 minutes until a tour guide cheated me to go up, if not I would not be able to get my certificate! So I rushed up, and that took me around 20 minutes. I made it! The peak was only a small area, so after taking whatever pictures required, I left the peak.





Ascending was treacherous, so was descending. The moment I descended the sky was already bright, at around 730am. Then I realized, the path we had been ascending, how dangerous it was! When I reached the resthouse, I felt strains in my right knee, and my left ankle. My head was heavy as well. But without a choice, I had to start descending from the resthouse and reached Timpohon gate before 4pm. With only about 1 hour of rest, I had my breakfast and started to descend with JC at around 1030am. JC was worse, she couldn't afford to have much rest, and have to start descend as soon as she arrived the resthouse from the summit. Both of us had painful legs, so we moved slowly together, until Uncle Lucas and Cherng Yee caught up from behind, and we moved together. Timpohon trail was more challenging, with higher steps, and it's a disadvantage for us who had painful legs. It's tough time descending, but we managed to arrive at around 3pm at the gate.

It's definitely a milestone of a lifetime, and a wonderful experience. My preparation wasn't that complete this time, but hope there's next time, with better preparations and gears!

Wednesday, June 19, 2013

Just An Update =D

It's been looooonnnnggggg since I last updated aite! Well I tried to scroll through my phone for photos, I need to take more photos! Photos do talk louder than my words!

- Stepping Alone -
First time in my life, I started on my journey alone all the way to Taiwan. I learnt a lot, and a good experience! Taiwan has the magnet of its own, and I guess I'm the right metal! I love the place, and seriously,  very much! Taiwanese lifestyle has its own uniqueness, and their cultures are way higher, as in education and ethics. Foods are awesome as well!


How lucky for me to meet them at the airport and traveled in the same plane!

Here I am! or was...




Oh ya! And there's this place, Yang Ming National Park, it's heaven on earth! At first when I arrived, the weather was freaking cold, and mist everywhere until visibility was so low. At the national park, there is a division called Er Zi Ping, and we needed to walk a distance to reach there from the rest house. It's 2km, then I saw old folks were walking towards the place, so I just followed. To my amazement upon arriving, the scenery was breathtaking!




Another division of Taipei, Jiu Fen is a place that must be visited as well! It's located at the heights, so it is colder than the city area, but it faces the sea, so you can imagine what the scenery was like!



Many more to express, but experiencing would do the job! So just go and explore it by yourselves to know how awesome is Taiwan!

- Imperial City Mall Site Visit -
I managed to join a site visit to the upcoming Imperial City Mall construction site. I'm very excited towards this shopping mall, for it's design favors the design of an ideal shopping mall! Just rectangular, clean and wide, no confusing paths and walkway. And there's this double storey link bridge with no columns in between, well pillars, if column is an alien vocab to all of you! There's an eight-halls TGV cinema under construction! Overall, it was an awesome experience!
I think that's all for my updates. There are lot's of other happenings as well, but I will stay with these first! =D