Wednesday, January 1, 2014


2013. End. It has been an eventful year, and God's grace is sufficient for me. I couldn't have wished anything more, nor thanked Him more. He had provided me with everything I need, and even more, with extras that I wouldn't dream of to have! Despite there were still some downs, and thrills, but no, I still want to thank Him again and again!

Twenty thirteen, not the best year, but an awesome one. My unilife is fun, and all the challenges that had been assigned to me, I knew I have grown much. God listened to my prayers as well, and prepared me with an internship opportunity away from home. However, there's lot of lessons learned, but still, I appreciate everything I have now.

Ended terribly, started awfully. I did grumble a bit for what had happened, but I am in safety. Do not worry, for He is with me. I'm still looking forward the remaining 364 days, for this one day will not ruin my awesome year! Things eventually get better, just give them time, and a positive mind. I will not make a conclusion, because there's no ending!

See all of you again, and I would not let my blog rust!

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