Wednesday, February 5, 2014

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Blazing fast, the time shoots and soars. Never look back and wait for me, and I just realized, it's already February and my internship life is two third gone. Living in KL is a challenge for me, to wake up daily at six, walk a distance to work. An interesting experience, I would say, and a lot self discipline. Now, I realized how awesome it is to study, to enjoy uni life!

After two months of away-from-home life, finally I got to go home for Chinese New Year! The excitement was so overwhelming that I couldn't wait to go home. I miss everything back home, I miss driving, I miss my bed, I miss the sunshine, everything. Poof, one week of holiday just gone, and I'm going back tomorrow. However, it was a good time celebrating Chinese New Year with my family and friends. But I sincerely apologized that I could not visit everyone of you, too little time I have. Don't worry, I will be back in a month time!

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yiing said...

Thank you for the casings! Sending a text to you in Whatsapp is too mainstream :P Happy CNY!