Saturday, October 11, 2014

John Curtin Weekend 2014

It's been long. Okay, let's go back to the main point of this post. I'm glad that I decided to join JCW for one last time, despite burdened with assignments and exams. But once in a while, I really do need a getaway, and I've had an awesome weekend!

Rumah Ree, a place where we spent our weekend. Away from civilization, without phone signals, we spent our weekends in the greens, and how fresh the air is! Upon reaching the destination, we had to take another half an hour of pickup rides just to reach Rumah Ree. Boys be boys, all fighting for the ride behind. Well, free makeup from the earth, ain't that good?

Unlike last two longhouses that I had attended for the previous years, Rumah Ree is filled with children. Those innocent yet naughty faces, perfect for portraits! It's a very simple houses, but the scenery is so awesome! It's been long since I really took out my DSLR and embracing what's around me, now I had this chance!

As usual, the moment we arrived, all the awkwardness filled the room. However, all the warmth from the Rumah Ree residents, sort of soften the awkwardness a bit. It first started with dinner, which was quite fine! Then we proceeded to ice breaking, this time without liquor involvement. We all had a great time with the families and children, and they were really sporting and friendly! A tired night indeed, and all dragged themselves to bed. Owh, forgot to mention on the toilet, ours was fine, some got real "close to nature" toilet! Kinda funny thinking about it! And the water was so refreshing and cold!

On the second day, it's where all the essential activities held. We had prepared first aid course for the families and motivational modules for the children. It all went fine, great involvement from the family and the children, and we all had a good time together. After that, we all prepared ourselves for the coming of YB in the night, well not much preparation as well, we were the guest! That night was filled with crowd, and of course, tuak. An awesome night as well, I guess?

We went to the waterfall on the third day! Well, you couldn't really call that a waterfall, nah there's water flowing down, who cares? It's a half an hour walk from Rumah Ree to the waterfall. Refreshing water, and the children like it, so do we! That pretty sums up the trip to Rumah Ree, I will just let the photos do all the talking!

This is Rumah Ree!

Fisherman by the Bakong river

The awesome mothers were cooking a feast!

Behind the pickup before going towards Rumah Ree!

That waterfall!

First time I had this close shot from the moon, thanks to Samson's 18-250 tammy! =D

This sohai photographer used DSLR to selfie!

First aid practice!

Lots of innocent faces!

There's this pair of children who were so photogenic that I sort of made an album of them! They are so cute and cooperative!

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